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War Ensemble BBS

What is dead may never die! War Ensemble has been around since 1993 in one form or another, and now it's back again! Tons of files online, hosted on a server with a 10gbit connection to the interw

Oxford Mills Remote BBS

A few UseNET message bases, files, Local and Inter-BBS door games. A fun place to hang-out. Synchronet on Port 23 Mystic on Port 2323


Been around in some form since 1990, Now running Synchronet with the FidoNet file backbone file areas.


Door Games and Files soon to have Message bases from Networks.

Level 29 BBS

Level 29 used to run on a real Apple IIe. Recently it has changed over to Syncronet and has a reasonable amount of users due to its affiliation with the reddit group /r/retrobattlestations which the

Arcade BBS

The Definitive Acorn BBS Featuring thousands of compressed files available for download, lively and friendly discussion and message areas, online games and information features, worldwide FidoNet E

AT2k Design BBS

The AT2k Design BBS is the support center for the Virtual Advanced BBS software. It has been customized extensively to show off the power of VADV.

Legacy BBS

Legacy BBS from Finland - a BBS system that should be compatible with very old hardware! 300 baud friendly - 40 characters and ASCII only. Running on a Raspberry Pi with some homebrew BBS software.

Dritt BBS

Norwegian Board focused on DOOR games and retro stuff. Running Mystic BBS on a dedicated Windows XP Box. [ Ærre Dritt WHQ - Cellfish WHQ ]

Scratched Reality

6 node Telegard BBS. Some local games, local messages and echonets including Fidonet, Agoranet and zer0net. Still a work in progress, but functional and accepting telnet connections.

Legends of Yesteryear BBS

"Legends of Yesteryear" is a BBS system dedicated to preserving the way Online gaming was before the internet. FIDOnet: 1:123/256

The Valley BBS

Located in the Okanagan Valley in BC Canada. Home to KTFO: Boxing and Arena: Warrior (remake) door games. Synchronet board with original and custom Menus and Title Ansis