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Diamond Mine Online

Home to The BBS Corner and Telnet BBS Guide. Been around since 1993. Great message forums, shareware files and door games. Come and join us today!


MMN was started in 1996 and is still running today, been through a few software packages and finally on Wildcat!. Now based in Paris, it originally began in Toronto.

Digital Distortion

A customized BBS offering many door games, files (including many BBS-related files), message areas (including FidoNet, Dove-Net, AgoraNet, and other networks), and more.

Haunting The Chapel

Enthral BBS Development Site Messages, AgoraNet, BBS-Link, and Tetris! Support for Standard Telnet Clients and Terminals w/ UTF-8.

Never Never Land BBS

The oldest 419 Area code bbs still online! Running Mystic BBs multi-line with several online games, message bases mystic bbs support and more! Also part of FidoNet.

SilverHawk BBS - Norways longest living BBS still running since 1992

The BBS is the same as it was in 1992 when it first started. We have the original user database, the same conferences and file areas. This is a nostalgic hyper-trip! Connect today and enter a time

After Hours BBS

After Hours BBS a fun loving place, we have all the door game be it local or league. Been around going back to 1994 ran other BBS software and have been with Wildcat after 1996. Stop by and say hello!

Dock Sud BBS

Lo ultimo que esprabas encontrar en la web! fiLes/cHat/jUeGos/mEnSAjes AcNEt/DoveNet/Sychronet fidonet: 4:902/26 telnet:// Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Valley BBS

Located in the Okanagan Valley in BC Canada. Home to KTFO: Boxing and Arena: Warrior (remake) door games. Synchronet board with original and custom Menus and Title Ansis

Delta City BBS

Swedish-only command driven BBS system (aka "KOM") with Fidonet, Agoranet and tons of discussions about retro-computing in general with a focus on the Amiga. BBS runs on genuine 100% Commodore Am

Neptune's Lair BBS

FidoNet, MicroNet, WHQ for WINSnet (Wildcat! Interacte Net Server Support Network), DixieNet, DoveNet, ILink, more! Home of Poseidon SoftWorx -- developer of quality Wildcat! addons.