The Nexus BBS

Calgary, AB, Canada
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The Nexus BBS located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Running the world’s largest and most active MajorMUD realm with hundreds of legacy door games, MajorBBS and Worldgroup v3.0 games.

Your Sysop: Sean Vaandering@1:342/15

FIDONET: 1:342/15

MajorMUD – We host the Worlds Largest and Most Active Realm with over 60+ players online at any time.

Huge selection of door games online 24/7 including:

Ambrosia v4.5
Pimp Wars v1.52d
Lunatix v4.3a
Dogworld ][ v3.01
Penis Wars v2.00
Forces of Darkness v2.01r
Axe and Fang v1.18f
Gothik v1.7.2
Arrowbridge I v1.40
Arrowbrudge II v2.20
Plinko v1.0
Operation: Overkill v1.20
Tradewars 2002 v3.09
Darkness v1.00b3
Bingo v1.3
Arcadian Legends v1.03
Falcon’s Honor v1.12
… and another 17 door games! Login and come check them out!

Looking for private chat? We carry a HOTELeconference (chat but in a HOTEL setting).

Finally, the normal BBS files and message forums including FIDONet, user registry and globals.

BBS Telnet Address
BBS Phone Number Telnet Only
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BBS Twitter @TheNexusBBS
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Country Canada
State/Province Alberta
distance: 4,673 Miles
Address Calgary, AB, Canada