SilverHawk BBS - Norways longest living BBS still running since 1992

Bekkelagsveien 2, Oslo, Norway
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The BBS is the same as it was in 1992 when it first started. We have the original user database, the same conferences and file areas. This is a nostalgic hyper-trip!

Connect today and enter a time capsule. Original users will happily see their old messages again.

When you enter the BBS you are directly in touch with the old ANSI styled look and feel of how things used to be back in the days. You will love to see the layout and familiar retrocolors again.

When we started to host the BBS, it was just two of us. Thousands of users later and tens of thousands of messages written, the same SysOp and CoSysop are still hosting the BBS. We do this because we love it — and are passionate about keeping the history of one of Norway’s largest board still available for future generations.

How to Connect properly ?

BBS Telnet Address
BBS Telnet Port 2219
BBS Website
BBS Facebook Page Visit Link Here
Country Norway
State/Province Oslo
distance: 629 Miles
Address Bekkelagsveien 2, Oslo, Norway