Alpha Centauri BBS

Date:December 20, 2015 5:58 pm

Alpha Centauri is a WWIV 5.0 BBS; member of WWIVnet. Formally was Mysteria Majicka starting out in 1997 using WWIV 4.24 on modem, then switched over to Virtual Advanced when WWIVnet faded away. Now that WWIVnet is resurrected, I have brought this back to life with the encouragement of my late friend Eli Sandford. We have a good gathering of WWIV sysops coming back together who are actively involved in developing the source code of WWIV as well as improving the network now hosted by Mark Hoffman of Weatherstation BBS using a BinkP protocol. There is much coding going on for WWIVedit as well as other BBS mods again. My goals for 2016 would be to expand my network assortment to Fido and some other notable FTN networks and to add some good stuff to the files area and get the ftelnet web page up and running which I am working on now. Hope to have some good “How to’s” and FAQs on the web page as well.

BBS Telnet Address
United States of America
West Barnstable, Barnstable, MA, United States