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The Fool's Quarter

I specialize in door games, I have over 75 online. Most of them are registered. I love the challenge of setting them up. Home of the Fool's Quarter Tradewars Server fqbbs

Proxima Centauri BBS

A primarily Sci-FI / Fantasy themed BBS with over 25 door games available including Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD), Legend of the Red Dragon 2 (LORD2), Trade Wars 2002, Operation Overkill ][, Planets

The Basement BBS

The Basement BBS started up on 7/4/2017 after a 19 year hiatus. The version of the BBS that you can connect with today is from backup disks from 1990-1993. You can see several of the original messages

House of Lunduke BBS

The best of BBS gaming with active players. TradeWars, LORD, The Pit, Exitilus, BRE, & more. 20 nodes. Free for all.

Digital Distortion

A customized BBS offering many door games, files (including many BBS-related files), message areas (including FidoNet, Dove-Net, AgoraNet, and other networks), and more.


The KEEP BBS has been online and operational since 1983. We started on a TI-99/4a home computer running software called “TI-Net” (which is ironic, since it never networked to anything) and now we