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The WABAC Machine

Take a trip back in time and play your old favorites! Running WorldGroup 2.0 on dedicated hardware. Message forums and file areas. Free Access!


Development BBS for Synchronet on *nix. No reason for users to call except it's the official support BBS of SyncTERM. Since it's always running bleeding-edge development code, it generally has mor

Cyberia BBS

Full-Featured ANSI BBS. Headquarters for the Mystic BBS addons, G-Files, Murder Mansion, Doctor Who Rogue-Like, DopeWars, Space Dynasty Elete, and more. Games, Files, RSS Feeds DoveNet, AgoraNet,
telnet:// - Retro Music, Games & Gear

Located in Tucson, Arizona - A site dedicated to music, games, and gear. A web-centric BBS with a telnet back end. Member of Dove-Net, Developer-Net and Musical-Net. Also, boasts BBSLink networked

Guardian of Forever

Guardian of Forever is a place where I create all sorts of ANSI experiments, such as: * Live parallax-scrolling ANSI demos, such as the Mermaid demo from the Mistrigis 1015 artpack, or the Millenni

electronic chicken

Home to many Synchronet mods & games, huge art & textfile libraries, and probably some other stuff that you won't find out about until you call.


THE-BBS is a Bulletin Board System which was developed by a 14 year-old. Its is constantly being developed and I am always open to suggestions. I use the Synchronet software (

Valhalla Home Services

Valhalla Home Services was started April 12, 1991. We are located in Richmond, Virginia. We are a family oriented Bulletin Board System (BBS), with something of interest for every member of the family