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Star Wars Telnet

It is a star wars telnet hosted on Hope You Enjoy!

The Mystic Mountain BBS (Pyroto)

A Pyroto Mountain BBS - come and have fun with one of the best BBS games from the 1980's.

Dark Systems BBS

Dark Systems BBS, originally running from 1992 until 1998, has been reborn in 2020! Still running RemoteAccess and a member of several Fido message nets. Some great door games await you. Dark Systems

Sea Breeze Gaming Network

We offer many multiplayer games such as majormud 1 stock and 1 edited, Swords of Chaos 1 edited and 1 stock, Tele-Arena, Tele-Arena 2, 4 games of legend of the Red Dragon, Mutants, Tradewars 2002, Gal

Auntie Bodies BBS

Interests in vintage computing, Apple, Atari Portfolio and PDA's. Also Amateur Radio, CB Radio and 11 Meters.

Slinky's Place

Yankee Trader game server, Tradewars game server, OOII, dozens more registered doors, some rare and unique.

Southern Amis

Southern Amis Atari BBS Running 130XE, 850 Interface, 30GB SIO, WiFi Modem and hosted in the AWS Cloud. Preserving the Atari 8-Bit BBS Generation from Cartoons, Online Games, Libraries and Warez for d

The Fool's Quarter

I specialize in door games, I have over 75 online. Most of them are registered. I love the challenge of setting them up. Home of the Fool's Quarter Tradewars Server fqbbs

Al's Geek Lab BBS

The author of the popular YouTube documentary “Back to the BBS” now has a complimentary BBS. It features curated retro-computing content, MRC Inter-BBS chat, some great message forum networks (fsx

USS Excelsior BBS

Ever wonder what it’s like to command a Starship? Sign up to Starfleet and climb aboard the USS Excelsior BBS. Fresh out of Stardock, TREK themed Sci-Fi fantasy focused BBS. Featuring SFnet and

Backwood Realm BBS

We are a files and door games BBS serving you from a single desktop computer in Bedford, Indiana. Very active LORD game, Planets: TEOS, LORD 2, Dogworld, Welk Chess, and more. DOVEnet message areas. P

The Realm of Serion

This medieval style BBS features the Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) tournament and hosts many other popular BBS door games like Usurper, Exitilus, Ambroshia, Tradewars 2002, The Pit and more. Come ch