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The Basement BBS

The Basement BBS started up on 7/4/2017 after a 19 year hiatus. The version of the BBS that you can connect with today is from backup disks from 1990-1993. You can see several of the original messages

Orbit BBS

15 Local message bases available. Connected to AgoraNet, SurvivalNet, DixieNet and FidoNet. First call access to the full system with LOCAL message areas only. Othernets available with a simple reques

House of Lunduke BBS

The best of BBS gaming with active players. TradeWars, LORD, The Pit, Exitilus, BRE, & more. 20 nodes. Free for all.

Alcoholiday BBS

Alcoholiday BBS! Est. 1995, reborn in 2001, and born yet again in 2015. Running Mystic on a Raspberry Pi 2, a dozen message nets, three stylish themes (custom art by Blocktronics, Impure and more).

SilverHawk BBS - Norways longest living BBS still running since 1992

The BBS is the same as it was in 1992 when it first started. We have the original user database, the same conferences and file areas. This is a nostalgic hyper-trip! Connect today and enter a time

Castle Rock BBS

General BBS with many network connections. Over 12,000 files online. Many door games, including InterBBS games. A great time will be had by all.

TinFoil Hat BBS

Waiting for the internet to be censored by the powers that be...We'll be here on dial-up
fcp:// port:510

Mainly a newly started file upload/download bbs running FirstClass. I am currently downloading anything bbs related I find on the internet. You will need a FirstClass client to log in


Gaming BBS (ofc) files, and game. Private BBS(1992) rebooted to public in 2015. Overhauled in 2016. Take a look! NiXSTeaM writes door apps for BBS, two latest releases are NixBBS Lister and FoRuMZ,

Neptune's Lair BBS

FidoNet, MicroNet, WHQ for WINSnet (Wildcat! Interacte Net Server Support Network), DixieNet, DoveNet, ILink, more! Home of Poseidon SoftWorx -- developer of quality Wildcat! addons.


Pie33 is a BBS for everyone. Come join us and talk about DOOR games, BBS'es, tech, anything in general.

Renegade Media BBS

Renegade Media BBS, with your SysOps, JamTone and Lydata, is always open and always free. They offer Door games, Message boards, and simple file areas. 24-hour access to the Holy Bible. Come out and p