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Backwood Realm BBS

We are a files and door games BBS serving you from a single desktop computer in Bedford, Indiana. Very active LORD game, Planets: TEOS, LORD 2, Dogworld, Welk Chess, and more. DOVEnet message areas. P

ConstructiveChaos BBS

This BBS was built with the spirit of retro-gaming in mind, with special emphasis placed on classic door games, such as LORD, Usurper, Operation Overkill, and a curated selection of others. No persona

The Realm of Serion

This medieval style BBS features the Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) tournament and hosts many other popular BBS door games like Usurper, Exitilus, Ambroshia, Tradewars 2002, The Pit and more. Come ch

DarkAges BBS

Dark Ages BBS a multi-node bbs from 1994 to December 1999, we moved from the Blanchard OK to a remote unknown location :-) It was of the few Multi-nodes BBS's in Oklahoma City. There was only 2 others


Specializing in BBS modding, coding, and the ANSI and ASCII scene, Distortion is the home of Demonic Productionz, the Darkness BBS door game, Zer0net message network, Gutter emag, and many more, with


iWelcome to the XM Core! We're glad to see you enjoy the best in digital warez. We're striving to archive as much of the modern demo, retro computing, and maker scene related material as possible.

Southern Charm BBS

Southern Charm offers games, files and messaging for your enjoyment! Connected to FidoNet (1:124/5019) and constantly expanding our games! Always responsive to suggestions to help make the BBS more

The Vortex BBS

An oldschool board from the 1997 art scene in the 864 area. Totally art'd out and modded. Original in-house developed apps. Unique BBS experience, classic and modern..

RetroTyme BBS

Retrotyme BBS has been around since 1992 in various iterations. Server up the best in classic MajorBBS games and entertainment. Some notable games we have online: Lord's of Cyberspace, Interactive Tra

Central HQ BBS - +o Agent-037

When I first started bbsing it was Avon's Agency BBS, even at a young age, I was intrigued by classic spy films such as Agent Sigma 37 - Agent Fireball - Ian Fleming's films as well. I have always wa

Archaic Binary BBS

Archaic Binary is an easy to use BBS open to the public. Lots to do! I have created the majority of doors myself, tools available for playing around. Door games locally and via game networks. We have

Havens BBS

A messaging BBS. Dovenet, Fsxnet, Micronet, Scinet, Retronet, Fidone, Usenet. Door games Files Chat something for everyone!